Data Network Infrastructure Engineering

In Arcelor Networks, we understand the soul of our client’s daily business operation is based on robust network infrastructure.

We design, build and support tailored Network infrastructure irrespective of the medium, environment, users and application that is made for your business and built for your operation functionality and efficiency. Upgrading of network infrastructure to support your data applications and operation requirements.

Our Network Infrastructure solution covers wide range of industries from Banking, Insurance, Government, University and Higher institutions, Multi-Branch operations, Oil and Gas operation, Telecommunications and many more.

Structured Cabling Solution when you start new office or new branch, you can rely on us for tailored infrastructure solution. From LAN (Local Area Network) or WLAN (Wireless LAN) connectivity for Internet Connectivity, Resource Sharing and Collaboration.

Card or Biometric Access Control for doors, entrances and nonpublic access places in your business premise.

Biometrics Staff Attendant Solution for staff’s clock in and out. You can monitor staff punctuality through their finger print. With this Technology, you can’t go wrong on staff movements and punctuality

CCTV for Monitoring and Surveillance for security of your homes and business premises.

Multi- Branch Connectivity (Virtual Private Network) over a Wide Area Network in 36 States of Federation. Wherever a branch of your business is, no matter how remote, we will bring it close to your HQ.

Voice of Over IP Solution for Infrastructure Base or Cloud Hosted solution. For business that operate multi-branch connectivity, you can rely on our cost effective VOIP solution for long distance voice call wherever your business or interest may be globally. You are just a 3-digit number dial extension away.

IP-PBX (Internet Protocol- Private Branch Exchange) This is just and IP base Intercom solution with digital IP base abilities. This solution provides flexibilities that allow most offices to combine Data and Voice line together over single LAN connectivity. Arcelor IP-PBX solution are diverse and can be tailored to your solution. Irrespective of number of extension, geographical scope of your business and offices we bring all your staffs and interest into one big collaboration room.

Information technology Consultancy and Project Management. From the time, you conceived the idea to the time of actualization, Arcelor will provide you with step by step project planning, to execution, and ensure your project meets its primary objectives. Talk to us about your ideas and our team will make it a reality.