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Training and Certification Centre

About TCC:

Arcelor Networks Training & Certification Centre. (TCC) is career and skill development center in information technology. Arcelor Networks TCC is practical and hands-on learning center.

Our focus is not only to develop the potential of our students through hands-on practical training for premium job in the industry but to also become an IT Entrepreneur.

Why Choose Us:

Arcelor Networks TCC focuses on developing the potentials of our students through hands-on full practical training for premium job in the industry, and train students into becoming IT Entrepreneurs.

Our Difference:

Arcelor Networks TCC is willing to train students on knowing and doing what we have been doing for hundreds of clients every day for the past 12 years.

Arcelor Networks TCC Internship program is to ensure our students have months of real life industry knowledge after the training Arcelor I.T Career certificate path ensure our student follow through and pass the necessary Industry I.T certifications test and exams.

Special Discounted Fee for Students, NYSC and Unemployed We see these as corporate social responsibilities to curb the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria. IT Entrepreneurship is best way to take our large unemployed youth off labour market when we provide them with required knowledge, skills and mentorship for them to be Job creators instead of Job Hunters.

Post Training Job Placement Service. While we cannot guarantee employment to our students, we assist in post training Job and carrier assistance in resume writing, interview skills and connect them to employment opportunity in IT and Telecommunication industry.

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